Women in Sales: your partner in Sales Recruitment & Selection:

There are multiple advantages in using Sales Selection & Recruitment by Women in Sales:


  • Help you draft the job description:
    Finding the perfect candidate gets much easier with an accurate job description.
  • Save time:
    Time consuming activities such as drawing up job postings, reading through application letters and doing interviews will be done by us. This leaves more time for you to focus on more important things.
  • Easy:
    Our expertise in recruitment and selection makes the hiring process as easy as 1, 2, 3. We’ll take care of the time consuming pre-selection for you.
  • Large network:
    Our network consists of more than 14.000 female sales professionals. Sales professionals can also be referred to us through our ReferHER program. Our network is inexhaustible, and you can profit from it.
Research shows that a clear link between diversity and business performance certainly does exist. – The Credit Suisse Research Institute

Sales Recruitment & Selection by Women in Sales

Finding the right professional for your department can be very time consuming. Calling in a Recruitment & Selection agency like Women in Sales can be the perfect solution. We’ve specialized in selecting and recruiting female sales professionals.

Reasons to choose Sales Recruitment & Selection:

  • Insufficient resources, time and focus
  • Our expertise in recruitment and selection
  • No background or reference checks necessary
  • You don’t have to let down unsuccessful applicants yourself
  • Wide range of suitable applicants

Based on your requirements and wishes we will find the perfect match for your organization. You will only have to interview the selected applicants and you’ll decide which applicant is most suitable for your organization.

Women in Sales’ method

We always start with a personal intake interview, in which we’ll discuss your wishes and organizational culture. We use this knowledge to then find the right professional for your organization. The Sales Recruiting & Selection process is unique for every company. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Through assessments we evaluate which applicants are most compatible. These are the candidates we will then introduce to you.

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