VX Company

Women in Sales & VX Company

VX Company is an IT-consultancy where professionals and consultants work on smart solutions. They try to create the best work environment for their professionals, so they can make their IT-services better for their customers. VX Company forms a partnership with their customers and combines this with their love for IT.

VX Company and corporate social responsibility

VX Company is very focused on corporate social responsibility. They’ve developed an app with which their representatives made it possible for families in Rwanda to use LED-lighting and solar panels. They don’t just want to make the IT-branch better and more beautiful, but the entire world!

Women in Sales recruits and selects for VX Company

The IT-branch is a real men’s world. Diversity can be quite a challenge for IT-companies. VX Company called in Women in Sales to lay the foundation of their sales department, while of course, keeping an eye on the diversity levels. We facilitated to VX Company’s needs by recruiting and selecting the right female sales professional. We placed a medior Account Manager, she is also a Strategic Advisor and makes Sales plans, this is how she lays the foundation for the sales department.

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