Women in Sales & Technogym

Technogym has had the goal to make people healthier and happier for more than 30 years. All their efforts are focused on developing high standing, innovative and interesting solutions. They want to people to live as healthy as possible and encourage them to exercise. Technogym promotes wellness in everything they do, from product design and medical-scientific innovation to social projects and environmental actions.

Technogym develops exercise machines for gyms and for personal use. They have developed multiple tools to make exercising more fun and as pleasant as possible, for example their own app. The Technogym app is designed to motivate its users to live a healthier life.

Women in Sales recruits and selects for Technogym

Technogym’s sales department was in need of some female back up, that’s why they called in Women in Sales. We facilitated Technogym in their Recruitment & Selection process and found and placed the right applicants. This is how Women in Sales has contributed to Technogym reaching their diversity and sales targets.

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