Strict Consultancy

Women in Sales & Strict Consultancy

Strict helps organizations in every aspect of the consultancy process. From drafting and developing strategic goals, to realizing successful digital solutions. They operate in a completely brand-independent manner and are extremely progressive when it comes to technical possibilities. They convert their extensive amount of knowledge to innovative ideas and practical realizations.

Strict believes that every future-oriented organization is always connected to people, organizations and other digital means. They help ‘connected enterprises’ with innovative solutions when it comes to business mobility, the cloud, infrastructure, critical communication technology, reachability, and privacy and security.

Women in Sales recruits and selects for Strict Consultancy

Strict was looking to expand its sales department. Women in Sales offered support in hiring multiple Account Managers through our Selection & Recruitment service. This is how Women in Sales facilitated to the expansion and professionalization of Strict’s sales department.

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