Women in Sales & SQS

SQS was founded in Cologne. The company was founded from the idea that they want to optimize their customers’ activities in a durable way. They do this through software quality. More then 35 years later and SQS has grown to be a leading quality partner in the digital market. They are the biggest independent specialist in quality assurance and have a strong market position. They are fully equipped in helping organizations in managing their quality assurance.

Over the past few years SQS has launched many new products and services. They have lots of experience and have worked with clients all over the world. Yet, their main goal has always been te same: make the world a better place through quality assurance.

Women in Sales selects and recruits for SQS

SQS was looking for a medior/senior Account Manager in recruitment. This person had to, due to the complexity of SQS’s products, these sales professional also had to have experience with IT networks. Preferably, SQS wanted someone who also had experience with Testing Solutions.

For this very specific searching profile, SQS called in Women in Sales’ expertise. We had a candidate in our network that met all their criteria. After two interviews and an assessment, our candidate started at SQS.

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