Samsung SDS

Women in Sales & Samsung SDS

The South-Korean Samsung-group doesn’t only makes phones. They are also active in machinery, chemicals, motorbikes, financial services and insurances. Samsung SDS is a worldwide provider of IT-solutions and services. They are front runner in the fourth Industrial Revolution where they offer advanced, analytics based solutions. They focus on multiple different industries.

Samsung SDS offers integrated logistic and information services. These are based on their own platform. In Europe they mainly focus on Samsung Electronics. This collaboration allows them to optimize the European supply chain strategy for their electronic products.

Women in Sales recruits and selects for Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS is a new unit within Samsung Electronics. They are implementing a completely new service. For this service they were in need of a new Business Development team.

Samsung SDS wanted to make sure that this new team would be very diverse. this is why they called in Women in Sales’ help. We found the perfect candidate for them. This ambitious young lady had large affinity with technique and with Business Development. Truly the perfect match!

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