Women in Sales & Rabobank

The Rabobank Group is an international financial service provider with roots in the Nederlands. The Rabobank contributes to solving social problems in society. Their mission is: ‘Growing a better world together’.

The Rabobank works hard for a better world and wants to do this together. It is about you, about each other, about your living environment and about the world. That is why the Rabobank is going to use its’ knowledge, network and financial resources to tackle social issues within four themes. Food security is the first theme they will be working on.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for the Rabobank

The Rabobank is currently in a big reorganization project. This has led to them needing multiple interim professionals. One of their projects is RCS (Rabobank Customer Service).

Women in Sales has placed a professional for the RCS project for 6 months through ourInterim Recruitment service. During this period our sales professional is going to get to know the banking industry and obtain her WFT certificate. This is a good example of a development project for Sales starters with an intrest in the banking industry.

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