Women in Sales & NVIDIA

Nvidia Corporation is an American tech company from California. They develop Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s) for the gaming industry and also makes System on a Chip Units (SOC’s) for mobile games and the automated market. Since 2014 Nvidia has been focused on four markets: gaming, professional visualization, data and the automotive industry.

One of Nvidia’s news focus points is artificial intelligence. Their roots are in computer graphics, this allows them to provide an even better computer experience through GPU’s for gamers, designers and scientists. With GPU these three groups are able to create experiences in Virtual Reality, professional visualization and self-driving cars.

Women in Sales selects and recruits for Nvidia

Nvidia is a worldwide organization that was looking for international account managers and global marketing directors. To sustain the high level of diversity within their company, Nvidia called in Women in Sales. We selected and recruited the ideal applicants, our female sales professionals have now successfully been placed in Munich, Paris and Reading (UK).

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