Women in Sales & L’Oréal

L’Oréal is a French cosmetics and beauty company. Their mission is to offer men and women the best innovations in cosmetics worldwide. They concentrate on innovation in quality and efficacy but also in safety. Their focus lies mainly on six important values: Passion, innovation, adventurous, open-minded, excellence and responsibility. Besides these values they also have four ethical principles: integrity, respect, courage and transparency.

L’Oréal puts all its energy and competences in beauty. Worldwide they use their expertise to meet men and women’s wishes and to accommodate to the endless diversity of their beauty wishes. L’Oréal strives to achieve this mission in an ethical and responsible manner.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for L’Oréal

It is not very difficult to find female employees for a company like L’Oréal. But in their Sales department they could use Women in Sales’ help. We accommodated to L’Oréal with our Sales Interim Recruitment service. We searched for account managers for this prominent cosmetics brand and set up an Interim Recruitment process for these female sales talents. This is how Women in Sales was able to contribute to L’Oréal’s management team.

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