Women in Sales & KPN

KPN is a prominent phone and IT-services provider in the Netherlands. They have a large number of different brands through which they serve a wide variety of target groups; consumers, business and large businesses. Their customers are based in the Netherlands but also abroad. Their knowledge and experience allows them to make their services accessible to everyone; always and everywhere. Their services range from fixed home phones, mobile phones, internet, data networks and it-services such as cloud-work-space services and hosting.

KPN’s vision

KPN believes in a society where communication technologies enrich, simplify and complete people’s lives. KPN wants to be the connecting factor in this society. KPN makes personal connections possible. They do this with a strong vision. Every day, for more than a century; from telegraphs to 4G.

Women in Sales selects and recruits for KPN

A large company such as KPN requires a quick and easy fix for its application process. Women in Sales was called in by KPN to take care of the Recruitment & Selection process. We filled their job openings while obtaining a high level of diversity in their departments. This is how Women in Sales contributed to the level of diversity in this prominent company and its sales departments.

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