Women in Sales & Hilti

Worldwide, Hilti is market leader in building supplies. For more than 50 years the company has been growing faster than the economy does. Hilti only wants the best for its customers and employees. That is why it’s Hilti’s priority to have the most innovative products, the best service and maximum entrepreneurship.

Professional building supplies by Hilti

Solutions and tools by Hilti are used all over the world. From the super-fast Japanese bullet-trains to advanced sporting venues and advanced fire-resistant technology. These products and innovations help improve peoples’ lives all over the world. Hilti has its own line of professional building tools; like diamond-tools, drilling machinery and anchoring systems. Hilti also stands out through its advanced software, training and advice.

Women in Sales recruits, selects and develops training programs for Hilti

The construction industry is a real man’s world. And they could use a woman’s insights. Hilti called in Women in Sales in order to increase workforce diversity. We’ve selected the perfect candidates for Hilti and started a management training program, in order to make diversity within the management team more sustainable. Together, Women in Sales and Hilti have developed a training program to attract female professionals now and in the future.

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