Women in Sales & GreenGenius

GreenGenius offers recent technical graduates the opportunity to discover what they really want. They give them three years to find out what kind of job suits them, where their intrest lay and what they are good at. These starters work at three different companies so they can discover in what kind of environment and position they flourish.

GreenGenius was founded in 2017 and is part of InterStep. This startup is mainly active in the technical branch (read a real men’s world), for this reason diversity is very important for them.

Women in Sales recruits en selects for GreenGenius

GreenGenius is a very new company, they were looking for a Recruiter and an Account Manager. Since their employees are mainly men, they wanted to add a female touch to their team in order to increase their diversity levels. For this reason GreenGenius called in Women in Sales’ expertise. We found the ideal candidate for both positions. Two power women who can manage perfectly in a men’s world!

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