Women in Sales & DPA I&RPA

Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation (I&RPA) is a new and revolutionary way of automizing administrative processes. With the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is a software application, but fundamentally different: with this software digital employees are built.

This startup offers her customers a quick solution to time consuming administrative processes. This way employees get the chance to be more productive and use their valuable time on more creative and more challenging activities. This way the productivity and innovation of a company will be improved.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment¬†for¬†DPA I&RPA

DPA I&RPA is active in a very innovative branch: robotization. The start-up was looking for a Senior Account Manager. The searching profile for this position was very challenging and that’s why DPA I&RPA called in Women in Sales’ help. We found the perfect candidate. Based on our Interim Recruitment service she is now contracted by DPA I&RPA for one year to set up their sales process.

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