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Women in Sales & Centre for Safety

Centre for Safety wants to contribute to a better and safer world. To realize this, Centre for Safety offers training programs, advice and information to humanitarian organizations and their employees. They organize interactive training programs over a 100 times a year. In these programs aid workers learn everything about working in unsafe and even dangerous countries and areas.

Safety training

Centre for Safety believes they can improve the world by strengthening individuals. Their training programs focus on personal skills and a positive attitude. Aid workers learn to respond to unexpected situations appropriately, for example being robbed, kidnapped, a car accident or a natural disaster. These training programs enable aid workers to react in an appropriate manner in these kind of situations, so they can continue to be of aid to those in need.

Women in Sales’s Interim Recruitment for Centre for Safety

Centre for Safety wanted to transform its sales department in order to optimize the organization. They wanted to strive towards higher commercial goals. Because Centre for Safety is a non-profit organization this had to be handled very discretely. Women in Sales advised Centre for Safety during this transformation. We also set up our Interim Recruitment process for a female sales professional, she ended up being employed by Centre for Safety on a permanent basis.

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