Women in Sales & Bulgari

Bulgari is an Italian brand for jewelry and luxury products. Bulgari has established multiple product lines, such as jewelry, watches, perfume, accessories and even hotels. Bulgari was founded in 1884 by the Greek Sotirious Vougaris; pronounced Sotir Bulgari in Italian.

Bulgari products

In every Bulgari product, luxury is the central focus. The use of color is the most distinguishable and iconic characteristic of a Bulgari creation. Bulgari strives to combine its rich history with modern designs. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts was founded in 2001 in cooperation with the Luxury Group (part of Marriot International). Bulgari now has four hotels worldwide and four more are opening soon.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for Bulgari

Bulgari was looking for a group of sales professionals to promote Bulgari products at multiple events. Women in Sales was approached by Bulgari to set up interim recruitment processes for this project. This is how Women in Sales contributed to the sales success of this luxury brand.

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