Women in Sales & Bruynzeel

Bruynzeel is a supplier for top quality writing, coloring and hobby products. Bruynzeel is mainly known for producing pencils. Since 1948 Bruynzeel guarantees the best Dutch quality in every pencil, by using the best pigments and sustainable wood. Bruynzeel strives to make the world a little bit more colorful every day.

Color for everyone

Bruynzeel produces pencils for everyone. Their color collections are available for children and adults. The company also works hard to stay up to date with modern technology. For example, they developed an app that teaches young kids how to draw. In this app kids can take drawing lessons and play mini-games.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for Bruynzeel

In October 2016 Bruynzeel-Sakura merged with Royal Talents. Women in Sales helped realize this fusion. We set up an Interim Recruitment process for multiple positions, such as marketing manager, account manager and supportive sales positions. This is how Women in Sales made the integration of current and new employees run smoothly during the fusion.

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