Blue Billywig

Women in Sales & Blue Billywig

Blue Billywig is a platform with countless possibilities for professionals. They mainly focus on managing, publishing and analyzing videos. Blue Billywig is a very innovative company that offers professionals the chance to work with services as interaction, personalization, 360 degree videos and in- & out stream add formats. Besides this they give strategic advice when it comes to video marketing.

Blue Billywig was founded in 2006, the platform strives towards making online video easier and more fun. In 2011 they added an interactive module. Blue Billywig has an international customer portfolio, they are not sure if this is because of their exceptional interactive possibilities or their awesome name.

Women in Sales recruits and selects for Blue Billywig

Blue Billywig was looking for a motivated Account Manager on a very short term. For this searching profile they asked for Women in Sales’ help. We instantly had a candidate in mind who’s personality suited Blue Billywig perfectly. And she also had the right qualifications and skills. We introduced them and both parties were beyond excited. Our candidate was available immediately which gave us the opportunity to act quickly, everyone was happy!

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