Women in Sales & BLG Wonen

BLG Wonen helps people in finding a suitable mortgage. The platform advises and informs its clients regarding mortgages, savings, insurance and investing. BLG Wonen is part of the SNS Bank. The platform works with a large network of independent advisors all around the Netherlands. BLG goes further than just advising on a one-off mortgage settlement.


Personal financial service provider

BLG Wonen believes that having a place to live is one of the primary conditions for happiness and wellness. That is why BLG Wonen strives towards a society where every person has a place where they feel at home. BLG does this by investigating individual cases and by working together with its clients in trying to find the best solutions.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for BLG Wonen

BLG Wonen was in need of a female professional, one that could start immediately. BLG called in Women in Sales because they wanted to sustain a high level of diversity in their team. We set up an Interim Recruitment process. Six months later and BLG was very satisfied with our female sales professional. They ended up hiring her for a permanent position.

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