Women in Sales & Athlon

Athlon is the market leader when it comes to car leasing and mobility. It is their mission to meet their customers car leasing needs and offer them the best mobility solutions.

Besides car leasing Athlon also focusses on mobility solutions, no matter the size of the organization or the value of their fleet. Wether it is about traveling by train, car or bike, Athlon is capable of facilitating their customers needs. Their client base consists of  both private customers and companies.

Women in Sales’ Interim Recruitment for Athlon

Automotive companies usually attract more male than female employees. Because of this, the male/female ratio in their sales departments is not always balanced. Athlon also noticed this. Besides realizing growth in their sales team, during this project increasing the balance between men and women was also a priority.

Athlon called in Women in Sales’ expertise to make this project run smoothly. By using our netwerk of interim Sales professionals we managed to find a successful candidate for Athlon. She has been placed by us based on our Interim Recruitment service for one year.

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