Women in Sales & Akamai

Akamai is an American company that specializes in Content Delivery Networking services. These include web-performance, cloud-networking and cloud-security. Their goal is to make the internet fast, safe and trustworthy, so companies can use it without having to worry about anything. Years of experience allows them to realize the best online experiences. They support change in the way people work, live and entertain. They do this by optimizing consumers’ and organizations’ experiences, on every device and on every location.

Akamai and diversity

Diversity is very important to Akamai. The company is also very focused on its’ executives making progress and showing this through reaching yearly targets. The company strongly believes in their organizational culture; this culture lifts them to a higher level.

Women in Sales recruits and selects for Akamai

To increase diversity in their sales team, Akamai called in Women in Sales. We selected and recruited the best female sales professionals for Akamai. Our professionals filled multiple positions, such as a technical account manager. This is how Women in Sales contributed to Akamai reaching its diversity goals.

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