Women in Sales & 5W

5W is a fast-growing IT-company that specializes in infrastructural services. Their ambition is to offer their customers the best services and solutions to reach their IT-goals. 5W’s experienced consultants understand how important it is to properly manage data.

The most important 5W-ingredients are: expertise, service, no-nonsense and trust. 5W is an independent organization. The organization provides in all business technologies but at the same time strives to be objective and impartial.

Women in Sales advices, selects and recruits for 5W

Before 5W called in Women in Sales’ help they did not have a sales department. To ensure diversity in the new sales team 5W called in Women in Sales for advice and support. Women in Sales facilitated 5W by looking at their needs in the combined field of Sales and IT. With this knowledge we advised the IT company regarding their sales strategy and suitable female sales professionals. Thereafter, Women in Sales completed the selection and recruitment procedure for 5W.

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