Interim Recruitment & Outscourcing

Interim Recruitment by Women in Sales

Interim recruitment has the following advantages:

  • Quickly get in contact with the best sales professionals:

    No expensive and time-consuming job postings and no reading through endless resumes and application letters. The pre-selection is done by Women in Sales; we know your time is valuable.

  • New perspective:
    Women in Sales professionals have experience in numerous professional environments. Our professionals have a broad knowledge in the business and they will bring a new perspective to your organization.
  • Less risks, more flexibility:
    Because our professionals are still employed by us, you carry less responsibility and there are less risks for your organization. For example, in case of illness or a layoff. The sales professional being employed by us, ensures greater flexibility for you.
  • Pre-paid cost of labor:
    You’ll pre-pay Women in Sales for the interim recruitment process. This way you can be sure the professional is always paid on time.
  • Extended trail period:
    We know it can take a while before a professional is up and running. Besides, sales results are not always visible within a month. For this reason you can make use of an extended trail period.
  • Extra schooling and/or training:
    During the interim recruitment process, Women in Sales will offer the professional extensive guidance. Through our DevelopHER Academy we can provide extra training or mentoring if you feel this is necessary.
New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially – Vivian Hunt

Outsourcing by Women in Sales

Sales Outsourcing has the following advantages:

  • Saves time:
    Outsourcing to Women in Sales you will reduce the time it takes to market your new products and service.
  • Always the best results:
    With us, even a small investment can lead to positive results on all fronts.
  • Market momentum:
    We know the market and use this knowledge to set realistic targets for your organization.
  • Re-focus:
    While Women in Sales focusses on your sales, you’ll be allowed to keep focus on existing customers.
  • No more worrying about your sales-department:
    You can spend your valuable time on research, development and production while we take care of your sales department.
  • No time (or money) to lose:
    Sales departments are very flexible. We make sure you don’t lose time on recruiting new people and sustaining your current professionals.
Women working in the sales industry received higher effectiveness ratings than their male colleagues – Bob Sherwin, COO of leadership consultancy Zenger Folkman.

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