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As you move up in organizations, the number of women steadily shrinks. We find this to be a puzzling, even mysterious phenomenon when you examine the hard data that describes the overall success that women have when placed in successively higher leadership positions. – Businessinsider.com

Women in Sales: your Sales Executive Search partner

Women in Sales’ Executive Search has multiple advantages:

  • Access to an exclusive network:

    Women in Sales has a carefully built network of university educated professionals. We will always find you a professional that meets your requirements and has sufficient knowledge and experience.

  • Discretion and privacy:

    We handle your organization’s details very discretely and use our own company name in the selection process. Protecting your privacy is extremely important to us.

  • Support in setting up the job description:

    A well establish job description can make an immense difference in finding the right applicant.

  • Save time:

    Finding and selecting the right executive professional can be very time consuming. We’ll select a number of suitable candidates based on your wishes and requirements. Then we’ll make a pre-selection of applicants that would be a perfect match with your company.

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