DevelopHER Academy

Talent is the beginning, professionality the future. 

Improving our customer’s results and increasing workplace diversity are our main goals. Women in Sales only works with the best female sales professionals. Providing our talent with adequate personal development is of utmost importance.

We have created the DevelopHER Academy to help our talent reach their full potential. In this Academy we give our talent extra support by teaching them to sell from the New Sales perspective.

More diversity in your company?

Research shows that more sales trainings don’t stick. After a day of training, the whole team starts off full of new inspiration, but after a week people fall back into their old habits. The DevelopHER Academy focuses on realizing behavioral change. We don’t teach our candidates sales tricks, but teach them to sell from their own strength and authenticity.

The entire program is in close consultation with you, as our client. The first month of the program is focused on sales knowledge, soft skills and personal development. After the first month the candidate starts working for you on an interim basis for eleven months. During these eleven months we set new development goals for the candidates every 6 weeks.

The DevelopHER Academy makes hiring new talent easy because you get fully trained personnel; sales talents that are up to speed with the New Sales principle and recent market- and branch knowledge.

‘Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’ –
Ella Fitzgerald

Who can apply to the DevelopHER Academy?

The DevelopHER Academy is accessible to everyone who’s highly ambitious and has a strong affinity with sales. We have different sets of programs with a seamless affiliation to the wants and needs of a young professional.

What to expect from the DevelopHER Program:

  • Valuable knowledge:

    We provide our talent with relevant sales knowledge and easy to apply skills that are essential for sales professionals. Our talents distinguish themselves and make a valuable investment in their career. Specifically, the training makes sure they are provided with valuable and up to date sales knowledge.

  • Performance:

    Progress is made by setting targets. Together we set ambitious targets that will be reviewed and assessed.

  • Active training and coaching:

    During the program you receive active training and coaching in sales knowledge, soft skills and personal development. This training program consists of: E-coaching, phone coaching, 1-on-1 consultations and inspiration workshops.

  • Prolonged process:

    During the 12 month program, the professional will be employed by Women in Sales, while we focus on your development and maximizing your potential.

  • Dealing with targets:

    Besides personal development goals we also set targets. At the end of the year each professional must have met at least one of these targets. This can be a target based on revenue, return-on-investment or soft KPI’s.

How to apply

Apply to the DevelopHER Academy by sending us a video of your sales pitch. In this pitch, please briefly tell us who you are and why you want to develop your sales skills.

Use the button below to upload your video or to record and send us your pitch directly.

After the first selection round we will invite you for a personal interview and assessment. In this round we’ll go over your ambitions and expectations and whether or not these match up with our clients’.

Sell yourself to us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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