Brand values

It is our priority to only work with high quality candidates. People who really make a difference for our clients. We only work with the best companies and candidates. We find it just as important that our candidates end up at a qualitative company, as we find it important our clients end up with a good candidate. Quality over quantity, no matter how long it takes.

Quality is our priority and for this reason we started the DevelopHER Acedemy. The academy is a yearlong training program that trains and coaches starters in the Sales profession. It is a sustainable and innovative program that will be useful for the rest of ones’ career. This is how we raise the quality of the Sales profession in general.

Within our own team, quality is also an important factor for Women in Sales. Our team only exists of people who are passionate and good at their job. We know the Women in Sales brand by heart and apply our brand values in everything we do. In our job, but also in our communications with clients, candidates and external parties. The Women in Sales team has a big passion for sales, we are true team-players, we can talk to each other about everything and we are always there for each other. In short: real quality people!

Women in Sales is a real brand. By “real” we mean that we work in an authentic way, our own way. We always have personal attention for our candidates and clients. We are always ourselves: sincere and honest. We might be a bit quirky, but always genuine and real!

The sales professionals we mediate fit this description as well. They sell from their own experience and in their own way, this makes them come across very real and authentic. And that is what leads to success in the Sales world.

Increasing diversity levels within the Sales world is our number one priority. It is of utmost importance to us that women are able grow and rise to management positions. More women in top positions is the only way we can realize real change and contribute to higher diversity levels in business. We are convinced that women have special talents that are essential for any well-functioning Sales team.

Most modern companies make diversity their prime focus when it comes to assembling their teams. They look for female sales talent to improve their business. Who better to reach out to in this situation than Women in Sales, a company that has made diversity its core business.

Women in Sales is courageous and not afraid to be different. Women in Sales was founded in 2010 and today we are still the only company that focusses on female sales professionals. In 2010 the diversity issue was not as actual as it is now (in 2018). It took a lot of courage to start a business that mainly focusses on diversity.

Another courageous move we made is that we are organizing the first Dutch Women in Sales Awards this year. This shows that we are not afraid to be open-minded and innovative.

Women in Sales joyfully invests in the future. Not only in the future of Women in Sales but also in the future of the entire sales profession. By encouraging women to start a carreer in sales we stimulate the quality of sales professionals overall. Innovations such as the DevelopHER Academy and the Women in Sales Awards contribute to this. They will also fuel young professionals’ passion for Sales. Besides, our DevelopHER Academy allows us to educate young professionals and shape them into the kind of professional that will be much needed in the future.

Our vision is a future in which women have a bigger role within the sales branch and hold more management and director positions. This is why we are going to increase the diversity levels within the Sales world.