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We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges – Tim Berners-Lee

Women in sales and diversity

Only one in ten account managers in the business-to-business market are female. While research shows that women are great at sales and that mixed-gender teams perform better. Women have higher levels of empathy and are more capable of empathizing with clients.

Women in Sales provides services to every diverse sales department and specifically focuses on female sales professionals. We believe that the power of female talent can really make a difference. Including for you!




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The transformation from talent to sales professional

Women in Sales is committed to the diversity of your organization. We do this through mediating, implementing and schooling female sales professionals. Besides diversity, Women in Sales stands for sustainability. We believe that knowledge is the foundation for a great sales team. Through the Women in Sales DevelopHER Academy we employ the best sales talents. These talents are educated through our specific training program. This training program can be tailored to your specific wishes. The next step is to start the interim recruitment process for the best talents, this can vary from positions as sales support professional, account manager business-to-business, sales manager or commercial executive.

For each talent we develop a personal development program. Besides coaching we also intensively guide our talents to increase continuity and sustainability, to the delight of our customers. We make sure you’ll be able to reap the benefits of working with Women in Sales for a long time.

Brand values Women in Sales

Women in Sales always puts quality above quantity. We are aware that this is not a very original thing to say in marketing. That’s why we’d like to show you how original we are in implementing this.

Women in Sales is an authentic and genuine brand. This shows in the way we work, with personal attention for our clients and candidates.

Increasing diversity levels within the sales world is Women in Sales’ number 1 priority. Keep reading for a few concrete examples of how we do this.

We are still the only company in the world that specifically focusses on women in Sales. People who associate themselves with Women in Sales are open-minded and innovative.

Women in Sales is socially involved and invests in the future. Are you curious about the various ways we implement this?

Our clients

Women in Sales specialized in matching the right sales professional to the right company. Have a look at our portfolio to see which organizations we have worked with and have already made use of our expertise.

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